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MovieSister has television shows and movies, but in browsing it seems to be more focused on movies as the name suggests. The site looks horrible to be honest, the design is really bad and the text is hard to read on the black background. The font is a weird curly one and the copyright at the bottom says 2007 (a little late considering it's 2008). But all those are less important when it comes to whether it works or not.

The movies seem to be more updated then the television shows, so lets start with that. I tried some random movies that were listed on the first movie page. Some didn't work, but the newer movies seem to work but are unfortunately hosted on very slow servers located in China on video hosts like Yoku and Todou. So loading is a bit of a problem, and again you end up having to wait a good 10 minutes to watch 5 minutes worth of video. The good thing is that they do have some videos that are hosted on Google Video which is really fast and if you can be fortunate to find a movie that's using Google Video, you'll be able to snag it quickly.

Television shows are another story, there are shows listed that do not have videos or links for them. Finding a television show that does have links can be annoying as they seem to just list as many shows as possible, many which don't have videos or links for them. Also they have movies listed as tv shows, which is a minor messup but stil worthy of mentioning. Sometimes links don't take you to where they should and clicking to see King of the Hill (animated cartoon) takes you to the Eye 2 - an equally annoying problem, that should be addressed.

The site is geared towards movies, with television shows thrown in as an after-thought The horrible design of MovieSister is forgivable, while the listing of television shows is annoying as you have to really fight to find a link that takes you to the right television episode you had clicked on, and then again fight your way through pages that have no videos or links, and then once again to find something that actually works or doesn't run too slowly.

To top it all off, MovieSister uses Zango a well known adware agent that tries to trick web surfers into installing it to view videos. The appearance of Zango on any site sets off alarms and the best of sites can be rendered unsurfable.

The Overall Ratings for Movie Sister:
Show Diversity: (3/5)

Based on the mixture of television shows available on the site.
Loading Speed: (2/5)
The time taken to navigate the site and load videos.
Ease of Navigation: (2/5)
How easy is it to use and navigate.
Advertisements: (5/5) (Uses Zango Malware)
Based on the annoyance level of advertisements on this site, the amount of ads, and the volatility of ads appearing on the page.
The lower the rating, the less annoying the ads are.

Total Score: 7/20

Movie Sister has some serious problems from links that take you to the wrong place, to videos that don't always load, to shows that have no videos. They should have focused only on movies but some herd mentality made them add television shows, most of which either don't work or aren't full episodes. The site design is lacking, but it is fairly decent for watching films. What makes this site not recommended is that it uses Zango, which is potentially dangerous to your privacy and not worth installing. If they removed the Zango malware they could get a higher rating, but right now this site is too dangerous to risk viewing.

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