OmegaTube is a movie streaming site that lists a whole lot of movies available to watch on its site. The design is a little too cluttered for my tastes. But it is easy to find movies that you want to watch. This site bares a strikingly similar look as Atomic Movies - both launch the movies in a popup window that looks practically the same.

Anyways, most of the links seem to be hosted on Toudou, which is located in China and is very slow. So once again streaming movies from this site requires a lot of patience and time to let it load properly. Unlike other sites, OmegaTube offers alternative links to the movies, so if one link is down you can still try and use other sources to watch what you missed or were unable to see.

Advertisements are fairly inconspicous, and the collection of movies has a few television shows mixed in with it, most of which don't work or are hosted on Tudou as well. Unlike the movie counterparts, ther e are no alternative links for the episodes of television shows. As a TV link episode site OmegaTube would recieve a failing grade, but as a movie site - which is what OmegaTube really is - it's decent at times, but if they continue to use Tudou I'd say they mediocre substitute at best.

The Overall Ratings for OmegaTube:
Show Diversity: (4/5)

Based on the mixture of television shows available on the site.
Loading Speed: (1/5)
The time taken to navigate the site and load videos.
Ease of Navigation: (3/5)
How easy is it to use and navigate.
Advertisements: (1/5) (Banner Ads)
Based on the annoyance level of advertisements on this site, the amount of ads, and the volatility of ads appearing on the page.
The lower the rating, the less annoying the ads are.

Total Score: 12/20

OmegaTube is yet another movie site using the same rehash of Chinese video host links. There isn't anything distinctly recognizable about this site, which is quite a shame since the site remains to be one of the cleanest ad free sites. But it's close resemblence to Atomic Movies really shows that there is nothing really original about OmegaTube, as a source for movies it seems reliable in that the links won't be deleted any time soon - but they're the movies are just not watchable since you have to wait 10 minutes to load 1 minute of video. A very interesting thing about OmegaTube is that it offers alternate sources to an episode, this would be a great feature if only the alternative links weren't to other slow servers.

OmegaTube isn't bad by any means, it's just doesn't have anything unique going for it to set it apart from other sites.



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