Choose And Watch Television is the ultimate portal for reviews on live streaming television sites. Each week we'll try to collect a handful of sites to watch TV episodes and Live Television streams and briefly review them. The main purpose is to give you a great collection of sites that you can get your fill of entertainment from.

Í don't intend to post tv shows or anything of that sort here, so don't come asking for it. Instead we'll post some great kick ass television sites, and you can head on over to check them out. I'll try to update this every week, so subscribe to our RSS feed to make sure you're always one step ahead of everyone else on the best sites to watch shows.

There's really too many crap sites, or sites just out to make a very fast buck and don't even have real episodes or shows. Plus now some sites are taking to begging for donations or using that dreadful Zango spyware. We will not tolerate any site that has mandatory registration, Spyware or Malware, or requires you to download a customized player for the site (no that doesn't mean Flash player, but rather special extra programs to play the videos besides Flash or Div X). Comments will be open for everyone to comment on the sites, maybe we missed out on something that you can correct.

We will not take any money or bribes to review sites, so no paid ads or sponsored reviews. That means we will be fair unobjective - any site that can't stand up to the criticism shouldn't operate. And any site that won't pledge to rejecting bribes or payment for reviews is not worth your time. Don't put up with it.

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