VReel caters to those that want to watch high quality streaming videos. There are some television shows and movies mixed in with what is mostly music videos. There's a lot of Penn & Teller episodes, many of which work using the DivX web player plugin, which you will have to install.

Navigation is a bit tricky as there's no seperating of movies from television shows or the rest of the videos, everything is just jumbled together and loosely arranged by a few categories on the left hand menu when clicking the channels category. The site is quite clean and free of ads (from what I saw at least).

Most of the television episodes work, which is good considering other sites are usually riddled with broken links. The downside to VReel is the lack of selection, there's really a limited number of shows on here - most of which could be summed as Penn & Teller episodes, mixed with a few Anime episodes, mixed with music videos and some viral videos. Also navigating the site to find something of interest to you, if you don't have a specific show in mind, can be daunting as you have to go through the myriad of videos available on this site. Also there was an error in displaying something at the top - they'd probably want to get rid of those messages to prevent confusion.

The Overall Ratings for VReel:
Show Diversity: (3/5)

Based on the mixture of television shows available on the site.
Loading Speed: (4/5)
The time taken to navigate the site and load videos.
Ease of Navigation: (2/5)
How easy is it to use and navigate.
Advertisements: (0/5) (No Ads as of the time of this review)
Based on the annoyance level of advertisements on this site, the amount of ads, and the volatility of ads appearing on the page.
The lower the rating, the less annoying the ads are.

Total Score: 14/20

VReel is a very good site for high quality videos, but they need to work on the navigation to make it easier to seperate television shows and movies from the other vifdeos on the site. The current categories just don't do justice to the site. The lack of any visible advertising is welcoming, and while there isn't great diversity in the available shows it's impressive that many of the videos do work.




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