Not the most creative name in the world, but Watch the Simpsons Online has been the forerunner of collecting video links to all 19 glorious (ok some have been better then others) seasons of the Simpsons. The site has a lot of advertising, mostly text/banners and the occasional popup which is quite annoying.

Most of the episodes work, although there are a few that don't seem to work. But the biggest problem of this site is that it seems to be down quite often. I'm not talking about the videos, but the site itself. The site seems to be quite popular, and while they don't allow you to download the shows directly - they do provide you with the means to download the episode through some Rapidshare links.

Most of the episodes are hosted on, so they load reasonably fast and are pretty good quality. They have all 19 seasons, and I believe all episodes for all the seasons so Watch the Simpsons Online is a pretty good source for Simpsons episodes, there's not much to say as a result.

The Overall Ratings for Watch Simpsons Online:
Show Diversity: (4/5)

Based on the mixture of television shows available on the site.
Loading Speed: (4/5)
The time taken to navigate the site and load videos.
Ease of Navigation: (3/5)
How easy is it to use and navigate.
Advertisements: (3/5) (Lots of Ads throughout Pages, 1-2 Popups)
Based on the annoyance level of advertisements on this site, the amount of ads, and the volatility of ads appearing on the page.
The lower the rating, the less annoying the ads are.

Total Score: 14/20

Watch Simpsons Online is a great site to catch up on the 300+ episodes of the Simpsons, and being able to manage and keep most of all those episodes online and working is no easy feat. The site is probably the best Simpsons resources, but it suffers in that the site suffers from reguarl downtime and the ads are a bit much and at times a fairly annoying. Still if you can pull through all that, or have a good ad blocker - Watch the Simpsons Online is a pretty good Simpson episodes source.



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