Snag Films is yet another streaming movie site, only Snag Films differs by being one of the few legal sites in this industry. They focus specifically on documentaries and have a wide selection from different film labels, many of which you've probably heard of and know. The most popular at the time was Super Size Me, a popular slightly older recent film about the fast food industry and unhealthiness of such places.

Snag Films is fairly clean of ads, but the videos are prefixed with an ad and while it's not that much of a chore to sit through - the loading time after that to start the video is fairly lengthy and can be quite annoying. The site is actually quite a neat idea, directors can give their movies up for more publicity on the site and in return they can get donations and publicity from the viewing of it. There isn't a great deal of major documentaries on here, but the variety is splendid and there is something for everyone assuming you don't mind waiting through ads and enjoy documentaries (who doesn't?)

Certain documentaries, a good deal, are limited to certain countries - specifically the US. So if you're outside of the US this service may not be the best option for you. However for those in the US, this is an absolutely delightful site to have in hand - that goes in great compliment to Hulu's offerings of older regular movies and recent episodes of television shows.

The Overall Ratings for Snag Films:
Show Diversity: (4/5)
Based on the mixture of television shows available on the site.
Loading Speed: (2/5)
The time taken to navigate the site and load videos.
Ease of Navigation: (4/5)
How easy is it to use and navigate.
Advertisements: (2/5) (in video ads are fairly annoying)
Based on the annoyance level of advertisements on this site, the amount of ads, and the volatility of ads appearing on the page.
The lower the rating, the less annoying the ads are.

Total Score: 17/20

Snag Films is worth checking out if you're based in the United States, the legality and simplicity of the site lends well to your viewing experience. But at the same time embedded ads within the video are little annoying, but everything still remains fairly watchable. The annoyance of sitting through a couple ads, is no reason to avoid this site as it offers up a nice stable and reliable place to catch some slightly older but still relevant documentaries.

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Anonymous Rick Allen said...

Hi folks. We appreciate the review. The comment about load time between the end of the pre-roll & start of a film was a surprise though - we had at most a handful of instances of this, right after launch, and haven't seen it since. Do you still experience it? If so, please drop me an email.
Film availability outside of the US depends on the filmmaker - some of these rights aren't available to us - and on the capacity of the player. We will be able to offer viewing worldwide, consistent with rights grants, in the early part of next year, so stay tuned.
As to ads, we've tried to make them as unobtrusive as possible (they're only 15 seconds each - a total of 90 seconds if you watch for an hour). That's how we provide the films for free to the viewers, get money for the filmmakers, and pay our bills.
Thanks again for your interest,
Rick Allen
CEO, SnagFilms

November 09, 2008


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